Virgillian Snodgrass
Wallace Q. Snodgrass

Lectures (and Bunk Recordings)

During the Winter Showcase, the Snodgrasses treat the public to a series of lectures based on their soil research. In addition, since both Wally and Virgil talk extensively while sleeping in their bunks, constant recordings are made of their time sleeping.

On this page, you can listen in on excerpts from lectures and bunk recordings. Just click on a title to hear a specific sound clip.

Speaker Title File Type
Wally Introduction to Fundamentals: Over 10 Million Years of Soil mp3
Virgil Fundamentals of Soil Peculiarities mp3
Virgil The Potential Role of Streub Soils in the Modern Age (includes dramatic impression) mp3
Wally Non-Usefulness of the Virgillian Curve in Estimating the Water-Dispersible Clay Content of Hydraulic Soils mp3
Virgil Virgil Fields a Question During a Lecture (rare recording) mp3
Wally Bunk Recording: May 29, 1992 mp3
Virgil Bunk Recording: June 12, 1992 mp3
Virgil Bunk Recording: November 15, 1995 mp3
Wally Bunk Recording: August 18, 1997 mp3