Virgillian Snodgrass
Wallace Q. Snodgrass


Since the Observatory is equipped with a vast array of interior and exterior microphones, all events on Observatory grounds are recorded and reviewed daily and logged. Usually, the recording mechanism is then purged and reset for the following day. However, over time (especially in the Observatory's early years) "Disasters" would occur. In these situations, the recording is held for posterity. The full documentation of the disasters (below) are on pages 67-72 in the Snodgrass Observatory book.

Click on the documented disaster below to hear the accompanying audio.

October 26th, 1992: During a week-long experiment involving a specialized turbo-gyrotiller, Snodworker #14 suffers an injury to his foot while tilling Starboard Plot A52. (26 sec.)

December 21st, 1995: Due to an epidemic of croup, compensatory realignment of the Observatory was neglected for an entire year. This was utter negligence. Not preparing for the Doppler Shift through the Principle of Incremental Ambulation proved to be costly.
( 1 min., 39 sec.)

April 1st, 1996: What was thought to be simply a joke propagated by the Zerb turned out to be much, much more. The machine is neither stagnant, ignorant, nor uniformed, but is rather a complex digital mind which can prove to be obstinate and self-serving. (first 30 sec.)

August 10th, 1998: A defective bolt leads to a horrific explosion of the Condensing Chamber in the Equiptile wing. (29 sec.)