Virgillian Snodgrass
Wallace Q. Snodgrass

Mail Bag

Go ahead. Ask away. What's on your mind? We're here to field your questions about soil-- or anything else for that matter.

Q. What’s up with Virgil’s voice? Does he really sound like that in person? (Charles Hicks, Philadephia, PA.)

A. Actually, his normal speaking voice is quite different from what you hear on our website. He adopted the deeper, accented voice sometime in early 1992. I asked Virgil about its origins, and he told me that the voice initially "came out" one night during his sleep after he had watched a football highlight show on television. After listening to his own bunk recording that night, he decided to stick with the voice. FYI-- his actual speaking voice, it turns out, sounds a lot like mine. (--Wally)

Q. Do either of you plan on visiting the beautiful state of California anytime soon to study our soil? (Brenda, La Jolla, CA.)

A. Certainly California has a lot to offer in terms of different types of soils over such a wide expanse of land. Further, the nutrients in the soils located in the Redwood Forest are some of the most fascinating and perplexing in the entire nation. Actually, I am planning on visiting Yreka, California sometime in the next year. I hear that there is a bakery there called the "Yreka Bakery". "Yreka Bakery" is such a wonderful palindrome--- THAT alone makes the trip worthwhile! (--Virgil)

Q, Is it true that if shave your hair, it will grow back thicker and darker? (Penny, Crawford, NE)

A. This is a myth. Ask any dermatologist. Hair DOES NOT grow back thicker, darker, or coarser if you shave it. (--Virgil)

Q. Hey Snodgrasses, what's your favorite cartoon character? (Cindy, Baton Rouge, LA)

A. (Wally) Speed Racer
(Virgil) Towelie from South Park-- the most brilliant cartoon character ever!