Virgillian Snodgrass
Wallace Q. Snodgrass


The sole purpose of the Snodgrass Observatory is to advance the knowledge of soil through meticulous and sedulous research. Wally and Virgil have conducted no fewer than 600 soil experiments and studies, many of which have been published. To name a few:

The Snodgrasses employ a systematic and thorough empirical assessment to each experiment carried out. In addition, there is a myriad of equipment that is used to prepare and analyze soil. Positioned starboard and port to the Observatory are hundreds of plots of soil, many imported from far away regions. Perhaps 50% of the Snodgrasses' research is centered around these plots. There is much work that goes into carrying out a plot study, including warm-up exercises, viewing techniques, and use of assessment protocols. Often times, Snodworkers will assist the scientists in these endeavors. Though the list of potential studies in the cue is long, it is often difficult to prioritize and agree on what the next experiment should be. Much is decided during brainstorming sessions (the output of which is depicted in the photo above) or from bunk recordings.

Listed below are the Snodgrasses' most recent published articles.

Date Title Journal
June 08, 2008 Sediment Sentiment: Au Revoir to Aztec Topsoil Agronomy Today and Yesterday, June, 2008
June 12, 2007 Fissure Sediment in Rotund Balls of Mud Rogue Valley Soils, Vol. 23
July 04, 2006 The Effects of Spent Firecracker Paraphernalia on Soils Found Near Blacktops Observatory Happenings, 3rd Quarter