Virgillian Snodgrass
Wallace Q. Snodgrass


Soilball is a game that the Snodgrasses developed out of the unquenchable yearning of Snodworkers to experience some form of leisure activity. Soilball is a game which combines elements from an array of existing sports including football, Siberian Hustle-Ball, rugby, wrastlin', tag, and King of the Mountain. All of the squabbles (Soilball contests) are recorded on videotape for later viewing and are eventually archived. From time to time, Wally and Virgil package together audio highlights from some of the best plays carried out during the regular season and playoffs, some of which are listed on this page.

Click on a highlight below to listen. Narration by Virgil Snodgrass. Music by Kevin MacLeod. (

Date Highlight File Type
September 18, 1993 Phleuf's Four Point Steamroll mp3

The 2007-2008 season was an exciting one. The Ybitterum Cup was a squabble for the ages, with the Clod Hoppers squeaking out a 34 to 31 victory over the Giant Tillers.

Final Standings-Port Division
Team W F
Clod Hoppers 24 3
Prussian Army 22 5
Aggregate Compounders 18 8
Zerb Maintenance Crew Plus Two 9 18
Porosity Pulverizing Unit 6 20
Final Standings-Starboard Division
Team W F
Giant Tillers 22 4
X = 12 19 8
Cunning Cultipackers 17 9
PLOT (Pouncing Lunatics of Torture) 12 15
Fighting Flux 0 26